Audio & Video Duplication

We offer a full array of Audio and Video Format Transfers plus small volume duplication.

AAtronics Duplication Services Pricelist
Effective 2017

Audio Format Transfer
CD, Cassette, Mini Disc, Micro Cassette
1 $19.95ea
2-5 $16.95ea
6-10 $13.95ea
11-25 $9.95ea
Reel-to-Reel $39.95hr
Includes one tape/disc
Audio Duplication
Compact Disc, Cassette
1 $7.95ea
2-5 $5.95ea
6-9 $4.95ea
10-50 $3.95ea
51-100 $2.95ea
100+ Call
Micro Cassette
1 $24.95ea
2-3 $19.95ea
4-9 $15.95ea
10+ Call
Video Duplication
1 $9.95ea
2-5 $7.95ea
6-9 $6.95ea
10-50 $5.95ea
51-100 $3.95ea
100+ Call
1 $14.95ea
2-5 $12.95ea
6-9 $10.95ea
10-50 $8.95ea
51-100 $7.95ea
100+ Call
Video Format Transfers
1 $19.95ea
2-5 $16.95ea
6-10 $13.95ea
11-25 $9.95ea
SVHS, 8mm/Hi8, MiniDV, BetaMax, BetaSP, SD Card, ¾” U-Matic
1 $24.95ea
2-5 $21.95ea
6-10 $18.95ea
11-25 $14.95ea
PAL/Secam $29.95ea
Prices based on source format and can be transferred to a DVD, VHS or MPEG and include one tape or disc.
Video Editing
 Video Editing $40.00hr
 All video editing projects are unique.  Please call AAtronics at (208) 343-0900 to discuss your project!

The Fine Print

Most orders ready within 48 hours.  Rush Orders (24 hours) + $35.00

All Duplication and Transfers include media case and custom labeling.  AAtronics also has bulk media and presentation supplies.  Call for info!

AAtronics cannot duplicate or transfer any copyrighted media